What to Expect from a Professional Home Audio and Visual Installation


Whole home audio and video systems are sophisticated and work seamlessly together to provide a world class experience in the comfort of your own home. Hiring our home audio and visual installation professionals ensures that your system functions optimally to deliver high-performance entertainment in every room.

Home media and entertainment systems are not a “one-size-fits-all” and should be customized to fit each homeowner’s unique set of needs. From designing a system that lays the foundation for additional functionality in the future to a complete state-of-the-art home surround sound system in every room, we partner with each homeowner to bring their home-distributed audio and video vision to life.

Hire a Professional Home Audio and Video System Installer

There are many reasons to choose a professional home audio and video system installer over attempting to “Do It Yourself.” Home surround sound systems, theaters, and media rooms are made up of complex devices with intricate specifications, where one incorrect component can cause the entire system to malfunction. In addition to the technical details, our professionals understand the nuances of visual and acoustic properties in any given space and tailor the system components and placements to achieve optimal visual and sound coverage. Furthermore, installations must adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications for warranties to remain in effect. An improper installation can compromise the warranty and cause additional out-of-pocket expenses over time.

First, our professionals will visit your home for an in-depth consultation to find out your goals for your home’s audio and video systems. We will discuss your budget and timeline expectations, what types of new devices will be needed, and which of your current products can be integrated with your new system. Then, we will create a schematic of your home’s wiring and network to determine if there will be any rewiring or construction needed to execute our design and plan. If you have an interior designer or contractor redesigning your spaces, it’s best to include them in this process. Once we send you our proposal with itemized prices, you’ll have seven days to sign so that we can ensure all of the products and devices are still available at the quoted price. If you’re unable to sign off on the plan within seven days, we will revise it to reflect updated inventory, pricing and shipping dates. Whether you desire a fully equipped home theater or distributed audio and video throughout your house, we work within your budget to create an experience that brings value to your home and daily life.

Whole Home Audio and Video Systems

Installing a home surround sound system will transcend how you currently experience entertainment. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your entire home’s audio system simultaneously from centralized smart devices and ditch the countless remotes. You can listen to a podcast in the living room while your guest enjoys an audiobook in the study, meanwhile the teenagers jam to the latest hits poolside, all using the same integrated audio system. Each component connects via hidden wiring or streams wirelessly, and sound is distributed through top-of-the-line speakers that are discreetly installed in ceilings and walls.

Likewise, centralizing your home’s video distribution from one source removes the need to buy multiple same devices with different remotes for each room. Distributed video allows sources such as satellite receivers, streaming devices, game consoles, and Blu-ray players to be shared across multiple TVs via a video matrix switch. All network and streaming equipment can be stored in a single closet or cabinet and connects to any TV in the house, avoiding the need to hide bulky boxes and cables under every TV.

Home Stealth Audio Systems

The finest audio systems combine the highest quality components and performance without compromising the beauty and aesthetics of your home’s design or décor. We collaborate closely with homeowners, design-build professionals, architects, and interior designers to create invisible audio systems without compromising sound and performance. Our concealed audio systems are tailored to each room’s unique acoustic properties to ensure a full sound coverage experience that is also aesthetically pleasing. Invisible audio speakers and subwoofers can be placed directly into almost any wall material such as plaster, wallpaper, wood, millwork, stone, stucco, and leather. In addition, integrating the system with wireless functionality creates a visually uncluttered home surround sound system that performs – but doesn’t detract from your decor.

Home Lighting Control

Imagine scheduling your home’s lights to turn on and off as the day progresses or controlling them just by picking up your smartphone. A home lighting system provides an enhanced experience and creates a more energy-efficient environment. Homeowners with integrated lighting control enjoy the ability to:

· Program ambient lighting with motion sensors to illuminate a pathway at night, indoors, or out.

· Deter intruders by scheduling lights to turn on or off at a pre-determined time when you’re gone.

· Schedule lights to gradually come on in the morning or turn off at night when the family goes to sleep.

Home Audio Video Systems with Smart Home Automation

Universal remotes for smart homes control your entire home entertainment system, including TVs, disc players, receivers, soundbars, cable and satellite boxes, video game consoles, streaming devices and more. Linking your home distributed audio and video with your smart home automation system allows you to integrate many other customizable options that make your home more comfortable and convenient. Create the ideal ambiance for every space by controlling the lighting, sound, video, and temperature all from one centralized device. For example, we can integrate your home’s motorized window treatments and electric shades to be controlled in tandem with your video watching experience, so you can make spaces lighter or darker while never leaving your seat.

After Your Home Audio and Video System Installation

Our professionals handle all aspects of device activation and will configure your whole home audio and video systems with your preferences for automation and daily use. We provide a full demonstration of how each system works and will answer all of your questions on device use and programming to ensure you know how to enjoy all of the benefits of your new home audio and video systems. All of our services are backed by a one-year service warranty period, and any issues that are not caused by user error will be corrected free of charge. The systems, technology, and devices used are also backed by manufacturer warranty. We also offer service agreements so our customers can enjoy priority appointments for system updates and troubleshooting issues.

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Our customers enjoy the convenience and entertainment experience that our home audio and video systems offer. We provide full-service planning and installation of home lighting systems, home theaters, home audio and video systems, smart home automation, home security, home access control and more. Contact us today to learn more about the endless options we have for adding value to your home and daily life.

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