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Congratulations on deciding to invest in transforming your house into a smart home! Not only does home automation increase the value of your home, homeowners and guests enjoy enhanced security, energy-efficiency, convenient day to day operations, seamless entertaining features, and more. If you’re considering installing a home automation system yourself, though, you may want to reconsider. Smart home technology solutions are not one size fits all, and hiring a professional smart home installer ensures that your devices work correctly and perform optimally. So, let’s explore why you should always choose a professional to set up your home automation and what you can expect when you decide to let our experts do the job.

Smart Home Consultation to Installation

During the consultation, one of our smart home installation contactors will visit your home and determine the work scope by asking you questions about your lifestyle and how you visualize your smart home control to function. At this time you will also let our contractor know which features are unimportant to you and which ones you can’t live without. This stage in the process will help determine the appropriate budget for your custom integrated home system, and what you can expect to receive within that budget.

It is essential to know that we do not charge for the initial consultation, and any contractors giving a bid should not be charging for a consult either. Furthermore, there is no binding agreement until our contractor sends you an itemized proposal and you agree to the prices quoted for the products and services. Your project quote does expire after seven days to ensure all of the same products are available at the price you were quoted. If you’re unable to sign your proposal after seven days, we will revise it to reflect updated inventory and pricing in the case availability and shipment dates have changed.

Additional discussion topics may be:

  • Timeline of the project from order to completion, with ideal dates and times for us to be on-site
  • Do you desire specific devices, and if so, are they compatible with your home’s wiring?
  • What is the potential for upgrading the system in the future and expanding the capability?
  • The pros and cons of the various brands that provide centralized home control

A Strong Foundation Ensures Well-Functioning Smart Home Control

Smart homes require a reliable foundation to function well. Our technology professionals realize the need for an adequate home network infrastructure to run integrated home systems. However, as a “do-it-yourselfer,” you probably won’t know what infrastructure the project you envision will require.

Our professional smart home installation contractors will also determine whether it is best to hardwire a particular element of your system or operate the device wirelessly. First, we create a schematic diagram of your electronic circuit and then plan the installation accordingly. If the project does require rewiring, we will ensure the wiring is discreet and not overly noticeable. In addition, any wiring behind walls, under floors, or otherwise installed must be appropriately rated and specified. Again, our qualified and certified professionals will always be aware and updated on the regulations that apply.

Integrate Your Technology Effortlessly with Control4

The technology components of your home integration system must communicate and work with each other to provide universal control for home automation. Control4 is the premier integrated home system we stand behind to ensure compatibility for every device and to package them into one intuitive interface. Each device links to a hub that seamlessly connects over 13,000 third-party devices into one platform. This connection means multiple brands like AppleTV, Xbox, and Bose, can all be controlled with a single tap or voice command on your phone or tablet. For more convenience, you can plan actions to occur automatically, with no interaction on your part.

Utilize Control4 to lower shades, monitor security, or operate your home theater. Control4 also has convenient remote access, so you’ll have a centralized home control hub that you can use to turn off the lights or switch to security lighting if you forget to do so before you leave.

After Your Smart Home Installation

Our professionals handle all aspects of the device activation process and provide a full demonstration of how the systems work. We will answer all of your questions on device use and ensure you know how to enjoy all of the benefits of your new automated home technology.

All of our services are backed by a one-year service warranty period, and any issues that are not caused by user error will be corrected free of charge. The systems, technology, and devices used are also backed by manufacturer warranty. We also offer service agreements so our customers can enjoy priority appointments for system updates and troubleshooting issues.

Enjoying the Benefits of Centralized Home Control 

After your integrated home system is fully installed, you’ll love the convenience your new smart home brings to your daily life!

  • Controlled lighting – Create illuminated pathways throughout your home for navigation at night, with motion control sensors that know when to turn on and off, thus conserving energy. Achieve peace of mind knowing that lights will immediately turn on if a home alarm goes off in the middle of the night.
  • Controlled thermostat – While controlling your home thermostat from your couch or bed is convenient, a smart thermostat can also make your home safer! When linked with home security smoke sensors, the detection of smoke will trigger shutting down the HVAC system, which keeps smoke from being distributed throughout the home until help arrives.
  • Window sensors –  Set an alarm or notification for when the system detects a glass break, open window, or if a door is slightly ajar.
  • Garage door control with video – It’s great to have an automated garage opener, but smart garage door control goes much further! Deter “Porch Pirates” by having your deliveries placed in the garage instead of at the doorstep when you aren’t home. Once you receive an alert when your delivery arrives, you can open the garage door remotely and watch in real-time as your packages are placed safely in your garage. You can then close your garage door and carry on with your day knowing your new items are secure.
  • Video doorbell – Who’s at the door? You will always know with a video doorbell, which also has a voice option so you can communicate with the guest, whether you are at home or not.
  • Smart lock – If you’re expecting a dinner guest, you won’t even have to leave your kitchen when they arrive. Verify their identity with cameras strategically placed at the door, then unlock and relock the door using a convenient mobile app. You can also create pin codes so those authorized can enter and exit with ease. If they forget to relock, no worries – you can do that remotely too!
  • Entertainment system: Smart home universal remotes control your entire home entertainment system, including TV Disc players, receivers, sound bars, cable and satellite boxes, video game consoles, streaming devices and more. Check out our blog on Professional Audio & Visual Systems to learn more about the features we can add to make your home an entertainment oasis.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Now that you know what to expect from our custom home automation services, are you ready for us to transform your house into a smart home? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our team of professional integrated technology experts.


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